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Cheers to New Adventures!


This campaign is over and I'd like to take a moment to congratulate ALL the Grassroots Candidates and the established ones. I know now how much heart, courage and WORK, it is to just get our names on the ballot; let alone run a campaign.


I talked to thousands of people over the course of going door-to-door and every darn forum that we "unknowns" were invited to It has been a wonderful experience and will truly inspire my future outlook and approach to life minutes. I have loved every moment (even the hard ones). We embarked on this journey with a sense of joy and gratitude. That said, I want to THANK all my generous donors and...


NEW FRIENDS: Mark Bonne, Andy Finko (lawyer extraordinaire) , Sheri at the Homer Township Dems., Mark at the Frankfort Township Dems., Daniel Kemp (and his beautiful headshots) Kirby Birgans and his husband, Karin Norrington-Reaves (dat gal), Pat Dowell and Michael Thompson


DEAR FRIENDS: especially those who canvassed with me Ann Touhy, Linda Touhy, Tracy Carlson, my financial gurus Linda Touhy and Don Cuba


AMAZING FAMILY: Marilyn Rosner, Kathy Rosner Small, Jeannine Small, Mary Ann Rosner, Patty Rosner Oliosi, Keri Roby Heenan...AND family who donated so generously to support our campaign


ESPECIALLY my first campaign manager Tom Rosner, my Speech Writer and Wordsmith Chrise Layng, Erik Rosner, Dana Boyle Rosner, Andi Rosner, Adam Rosner and Amanda Rapp, my amazing husband and partner Danny Rosner (dis guy)


FINALLY the most terrific Campaign Manager a person could get KC McWilliams, the first daughter and coolest person I have ever known!

I conclude this journey the way I started it with so much joy and humble gratitude!

A Word From Dr. Layng Rosner


Photo Courtesy of Dan Kemp

An Independent Democrat

Terre Layng
US Congress
Illinois 1st District

Being a Congressional Rep. is not my career, I’ve had that. It's time to use my executive leadership skills in Public Service.


Many have told us that this district is ‘owned’ by one constituency or another--but that’s not right. The people in our district are free to elect anyone. No one person or group can claim ownership of our government.


We are the government. From Hyde Park to Midlothian to Homer Glen to Frankfort to New Lenox to Manteno to Bourbonnais. I think there is still good in our government. People like us can make it so.

Cheers to new beginnings!


Learn about Dr. Layng Rosner's positions and experience as a citizen of the 1st District for over 30 years. Educator, activist, pro-union, and unabashedly pro-choice, Terre serves our community and looks forward to representing ALL people of the 1st Congressional District in Will & Cook counties.

Get to know Terre through the people who know her besttestimonials.

The only Democratic Candidate from Will County running in the 1st District. Dr. Layng Rosner understands that our citizens' concerns are sometimes the same but most often different, based on geography. Regardless, soaring inflation, violent crime, and a massive federal deficit affect all of us. 

Terre knows her expertise as an educator and expert researcher will serve her constituents well. By using data driven evidence, observation and strategic collaboration, she will build bridges to get things done for the 1st.

  • Alleviating Student Debt 

  • Promoting Union Rank & File Laborers (the workers) 

  • Pro-Blue Rank & File Officers (the good cops)

  • Term Limits to Eliminate Career Politicians

  • Advocate for Fair Treatment of our LGBTQ+ 

  • Supporting Reproductive Freedom

Candidates2022CongressionalMap1st (1).png

All the Other Candidates


Discuss topics with Dr. Layng Rosner, volunteer for her campaign. Terre will be there when our communities need support. We can do this together, including everyone, while not excluding anyone. Rest assured, your voice will be heard when Terre is in office. 

Send her a message, spark new beginnings.

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