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Soaring Inflation

I look to data driven solutions for these kinds of economic questions. A Brookings Institute longitudinal study, examining inflation for the last 52 years (1969-2021), excepting the volatile categories of food and energy, suggests that present inflation is pandemic-related and therefore most likely short-term. 

I would advocate for federal funds promoting education in the form of legislation I call TASi (Trades, Apprenticeships, Scholarship Initiatives). Because education is my bailiwick, I've had many years to observe, learn and discover some of the worst problems impeding school to success. Learning happens intentionally but also organically in unexpected places. Let's capitalize on that.

Violent Crime

Endemic violence frequently begins with environmental conditioning. Isolation, disconnection and varied abuse carries long-term scars. The perpetuation of violence through criminal acts is a learned behavior. So, the question is how can we find ways to help unlearn this behavior?

Intervention can be an effective solution, but when and how to implement is the difficult part. As many social and cultural experts have proposed catching the problems early support the best chance of preventing them. Create year-round, 24-hour  "smart" schools!

Further, I suggest the Federal Government could begin supporting multi-facet policing. Currently police are expected to be law enforcers, social workers, therapists, sociologists, investigators, etc.


This kind of expectation is both untenable and ineffective.

We need a comprehensive federal plan to overhaul what "serving and protecting" is all about. The police can once again be considered protectors who serve the community not the enemy.

Federal deficit of
$2.8 trillion

Interestingly the federal deficit doesn't affect real wealth. The bulk of the debt is owed to ourselves. With that said, the best ways to make a substantive reduction in the federal deficit in my view:


Budget within our means. Don't keep making the same promises about cutting taxes. Spend only with reasonable oversight. We all have to do it in our own budgets, why doesn't our government. I realize that bureaucracy is rampant. C'mon guys, we can make government less bulky and more efficient beginning with minor changes.


Eliminate stupid regulation that impedes small businesses from flourishing. Make it easier to be honest and successful, instead of legislating with the expectation everyone is on the "take."

Support Social Programs that give a hand-up not a hand-out.

Implement a FLAT rate for income taxes across the board for those earning above approximately 45K, no loopholes.


Photo Courtesy of Dan Kemp

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