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Dr. Layng Rosner

The people in our district are free to elect anyone. No one person or group can claim ownership of our government. We are the government. From Englewood to Midlothian to Tinley Park to Frankfort to New Lenox to Bourbonnais. I think there is still good in our government. People like us can make it so.

Terre is the 6th of 10 children and a life-long resident of Illinois. Married to her South Side husband, Danny, for 37 years, she has been a citizen of the Frankfort for over 30 years. Dr. Layng Rosner has spent her career as an Educator, tenured Professor, Negotiator and Activist.

She has served our community, while raising three children, going to school, working full-time as a tenured Professor / Chairperson while sharpening her Executive Leadership skills. Terre is a working mother, after all - 

Layng Rosner is not a career politician and never will be. "What I don't have in money and name-recognition, will be made up with experience, enthusiasm and energy."

As a way to understand who Dr. Layng Rosner is, consider some of the experiences she has had in her long career as an Educator. She has been fearless when facing the Goliaths in her professional and personal life.


For example, Terre was elected for 12 years, as one of three negotiators to improve compensation, benefits and working conditions for her colleagues at the University of St. Francis (a private, non-profit institution).


Unabashedly pro-union, she picketed in her first year at the University, risking her job, to unionize the faculty. She served many years on the Illinois Technology Resource Team (IL School District #161) as Chair and member, where Terre tackled problems concerning the elementary students’ equal access and use of computers in our school system.


She was successful in that crusade and will take this advocacy and passion to Congress for all of us.

Terre on Radio & Video

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